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HRD - Frequently Asked Questions

    Use in Pharmacy
  • How does this differ from my current drug reference?
    Many pharmacists still refer to a book reference such as MIMS or AHFS for detailed drug information or if not a book reference use a general internet search tool such as Google® or Bing®. HRD - International provides a faster information experience with brand drugs specific to your country, in your language. HRD provides you a single point of reference, guaranteed to be the most up to date HRD version.
  • Is the drug and medical condition information from drug 'manufacturers'?
    No - the data is peer reviewed by pharmceutical professional sources and the brand names linked to the drug monograph for the molecular formulation and ATC (World Health Organisation - anatomical therapeutic class) registration.
  • Why are brand drugs distinguished by country?
    Your have access to 180,000+ drug names with HRD, separated by country. These include primary molecular name, synonyms and brand names. Many drugs with dissimilar therapeutic benefit have similar or the same brand name depending upon the international location. HRD disambiguates drugs by identifying a brand name used for the particular country.
  • HRD includes a medical conditions index with drugs commonly used for therapy. Why is this?
    By listing the condition, it's summary detail and drugs commonly used in the conditions therapy, HRD will help confirm the appropriate drug and possibly assist you to query an inappropriate drug choice.
  • What are the standards used for this drug data?
    Drugs are referenced to the molecular (sometimes referred as generic) name and the WHO ATC classification code. Medical conditions refer to the IDC10 International Disease Classification. Brand named drugs are linked to the respective molecular monograph. Typical monograph headings for a drug are Warnings, Drug Category, Synonyms, Indications, Toxicity, Food Interactions, Mechanism, Brand names, Used for (Conditions), Interactions (Other drugs), ATC Classification(s).
  • HRD drug information is more concise than manufacturers product information. Why is this?
    Manufacturers 'PI' (product information) often has ancilliary information associated with the registration process for that drug particularly clinical trial and adverse event statistics. Whilst of value, pharmacists often prefer a monograph that can be assessed quickly giving relevant summary information but in considerably more detail than an 'Abbreviated PI'. Also 'peer reviewed' monographs include often clinical evidence based observations for the drug therapy.

    HRD Technology used
  • Which computers and mobile devices operate HRD?
    HRD - International use the HTML5 web standard. Suitable devices include Apple iPad, Google Android (Samsung, HTC and others, Windows Phone, Windows, Apple and Linux desktop computers. HRD software requires a recent internet browser version for correct operation.
  • HRD employs 'responsive' design methodology .. Why is this important?
    Most older and sometimes current, simple web sites required the site computer to 're-serve' each page on any entry you make. This made for a stilted, slow web site as the curent page was continually 'repainted'. Responsive design behaves more like a 'native' application installed to your computer but does not require download and install. This is acheived by recent internet browsers and complementary languages addressing the shortcoming by shifting the screen and data manipulation to your device. HRD also uses dynamic layout which allows 'best fit' to a broad range of screen sizes.
  • Why is the reference web based .. why not an 'app'?
    There is a user convenience in having an anywhere available service such as www.hrdcd.com. You are assured of receiving the latest data and current functionality whenever you use the service and no download is required.

    Publisher : ImageWare Technologies
  • HRD - International is a free service .. How is that possible?
    The publishers of HRD - International have offered quality, respected drug information systems since 1995. The 'Quality use of medicines' initiative is now well embraced in many countries, however the information is predominantly english language, HRD redresses that shortcoming by offering language translations from the primary english sources. Our mission for the HRD resource is to build a wide, diverse internet connected, pharmacist user base in many countries. Imageware expects to offer two upgrade options in the near future; Patient Medication Reminders and Online Pharmacy Product logistics. These services are designed to maximise customer loyalty and maximise your profitability on pharmacy stock purchases.
  • Where is ImageWare publishers of HRD, located?
    ImageWare Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian company, we use high capacity internet server facilities based in USA.