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Business phone management solutions

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Try Now .. Call us 03 9886 0080 Ext 8 (Melbourne, Australia number). You will be calling our Thailand Office via Anywhere Office Phones technology and staff will be pleased answer any queries.

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Extension Configuration

Anywhere Office Phones - Features for business

    Anywhere Office Phone Extensions allow;
  • Latest technology, iPBX telephone system
  • Reliable, quality devices - Not computer based
  • Standard telephone handsets on desk
  • Windows©, Apple©, Google Android© mobile extensions
  • Remote Extension ONLY requires internet (WiFi, cable, ADSL)
  • Make, receive calls to mobile, land lines, digital lines
  • utilises existing office external 'trunk' lines
  • NO cost for calls between extensions, nationally, internationally

    Every extension has;
  • Voicemail and email delivery of messages
  • transfer, call hold, multi-line, conference call
  • Call Ques allow 'first available' extension in group to answer
  • Auto Attendant announcement for extension selection
  • 'Hunt & Ring' mode calls current extension of multi-location staff
  • On enhanced handsets; Other extension status; Offline, Available, Busy
  • On enhanced handsets; Optional announcement of calling number
  • Facsimiles received and emailed to staff or central email address
  • Video call mode available

    Call cost control
  • Use multiple outgoing 'trunks' for best rate selection
  • Remote extension external calls originate from organisations office location
  • All calls made and received are audit logged
  • Connect 1300, 1800 numbers to any extension groups
  • Management real time view of extensions status
  • Once off only system purchase - use your current internet ISP
  • Add extensions and extra 'trunk' lines easily as required

    Of benefit for
  • Organisations wanting remote extensions within their current telephone system
  • Multi office organisations with country and/or city offices
  • Organisations providing remote services
  • Companies with sub contractors
  • Companies supporting major clients remotely
  • 'Work from home' call answering staff
  • Onsite staff requiring fast untimed telephone access to office personel

    Simple installation and transition
  • Use existing standard handsets or purchase enhanced phone handsets
  • Use available iPhone and Android applications (very low cost)
  • Your ImageWare iPBX system is setup and fully configured on delivery
  • Simply connect iPBX by cable to your internet router/switch
  • Plug existing wired handsets to supplied 'Analog gateway'
  • Plug any enhanced office phones via cable to router/switch
  • Connect any 'trunk' copper lines to your iPBX

Priced from Aus$1100.00*

* Complete for 1 remote extensions + 2 local extensions; includes iPBX hardware, 1 x remote extension enhanced phones, all short cables, ImageWare system configuration and auto attendant voice recording, ImageWare 30 days support and assistance, delivery in Australia incl.