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Business phone management solutions

Anywhere Office Phones - Frequently asked questions

    iPBX technology versus PBX or No telephone switching
  • I do not have a telephone system. What immediate benefits will this system provide?
    With 'Anywhere Office Phones' installed, incoming calls are directed to the appropriate extension by the Auto Attendant operator, also even where only one 'trunk' (usually PSTN copper line or cable to public telephone network) exists, remote extensions can be assigned and all extensions intra-communicate without cost. Extensions have voicemail and facsimile and voice messages can be emailed to staff. Where an older PBX system is replaced, the iPBX will offer a futher set of features including 'Call Que', Hunt & Ring to extensions including mobile and remote extensions.
  • What is VoIP technology?
    The acronym VoIP simply means audio (voice) over internet protocol packet technology, of the methods available, an international, non-proprietary standard is SIP - Session Initiation Protocol. The SIP system manages the business of negotiating a call between parties up until the call is answered. Thereafter the call proceeds between the parties as both way audio encoded internet packets. Modern VoIP solutions allow businesses to function more comprehensively and efficiently and at a lower cost than any of the earlier PBX technologies allowed. The basic principle still lies in connecting telephone handsets, but the mechanics have allowed for an ease of use and implementation that wasn’t possible until recently.
  • Can I retain my business number and PSTN (often copper) line?
    Yes - In business, your telephone number is an important asset, as evidenced by customer recall or retaining your number for future reference. Continuity of business relies on the existing inward telephone number(s) being retained for contact and 'Anywhere Office Phones' seamlessly retains those assigned numbers and lines. In the simplest installation of 'Anywhere Office Phones', only the existing 'trunk' lines of your business are used, however all remote or local extensions can receive calls from, and make call to those existing 'trunk' lines. The benefit of intra (between) extension telephone communication to any location is significant where there are remote locations connected. Remote extensions use the organisation's public 'trunk' lines in exactly the same way as any local handset.
  • What is the value of connecting a digital (internet supplied) trunk to my system?
    Digital, internet lines are no different to copper wire lines in that by their addition more concurrent calls to and from your organisation are available. Digital lines are usually less expensive per line and for an assigned telephone number than the analog (PSTN - copper wire) counterparts. Also call rates from digital line suppliers, to the public network nationally and internationally are often much more keenly priced, some with national calls untimed at less than the local rate offered to consumers by major telco organisations. For a smaller business, use of the 'forward on busy' facility on a standard PSTN line, allows multiple concurrent inward calls. This means greater access by customers on your single business number and only incurring the extra local call transfer cost when the primary line is 'busy'. The single PSTN inward line when busy (on call) simply hands over the new inward call to a digital line for answering. Alternatively, under Australian and some other countries telecommunications authority requirements, existing PSTN numbers assigned to your business can be transferred. Transferring to multiple concurrent call digital line provider gives a broader concurrent inward and outward call capacity to your organisation.

    Installation and operation
  • What is the process to change to 'Anywhere Office Phones' system?
    Provide ImageWare with your required specification at no obligation to you, then after purchase and delivery, plug the 'trunk' line and existing extension handsets into the iPBX system. Send any remote extension packages to the remote users. Plug to your organisations router or switch box and apply power! In the prior configuration process ImageWare will have checked your network and made any minor configuration changes (usually on your modem router). Make and receive your test calls! Remote locations; similarly plug in the enhanced phone handsets to the router/switchbox and apply power. ImageWare offers 30 days assistance and support from purchase date to assist in the seamless transition and usage of Anywhere Office Phones. There are no further charges from ImageWare on provision of the ordered system.
  • Can I assign a group of extensions for support, customer enquiries or similar task?
    Yes - Staff at assigned extensions to call groups logon as active and then receive calls from a particular Auto attendant group request when not busy. Call Ques auto attendants advise the caller what position in the que they occupy and alternative contact arrangements. Operators extensions can be assigned on 'most skilled' or 'calls answered in period' basis.
  • Can calls be directed based upon the originating call line?
    Yes - Call incoming routing allows a variety of methods for assigning an incoming call to an extension or group of extensions.

    Cost effective, maximised availability considerations
  • My organisation has major customers/clients in a far geographical (remote) location(s). What can 'Anywhere Office Phones' offer in that circumstance?
    (a) Obtain a low cost digital line with a number for that geograhical location if available, all calls from that 'trunk' line will be then recieved at your organisation without cost. or (b) consider providing major customers with a 'Anywhere Office Phone' extension connected to your organisation's system. If you already have a representative or sub-office in the location; provide a 'Anywhere Office Phone' extension to that person.
  • I have sub offices in other cities and/or countries. Will this assist technology me?
    Yes - If you conduct a business in regular contact with remote staff or offices, 'Anywhere Office Phones' will reduce communication costs and allow easy communication between business offices.

    Support and Assistance
  • What is ImageWare Technologies Pty Ltd and do you have experience in this new telephone technology setting?
    ImageWare Technologies is a software development company based in Melbourne, Victoria offering business IT support and assistance and software applications for medicine, hospitality and government utilities. In 2004 we installed our first international VoIP system for customer support. Since then and now in 2014 we operate 'Anywhere Office Phones' iPBX system for our own international offices and for national customer support. We are not just purveyors of this technology - we use and embrace it as the primary telephone system in our organisation.
  • What installation and ongoing operational assistance is available?
    On purchase 30 days support and assistance is included in the price. On going support is rarely needed however, expertise in configuration and setup is vital to a quality outcome that well uses the features of modern telephone technology. Ad hoc assistance with additional extensions, trunk lines and varied system configuration is available at standard rates from ImageWare Technologies. Please refer to our web site www.ImageWareTechnologies.com or telephone +61 (0)3 9886 0080 for details.

  • 1 remote + 2 local package complete, priced at AUS$1100.00 including hardware, voice over recording, configuration setup and cables. There are no extra ongoing fees or costs associated with ImageWare Technologies.
  • In general, pricing only marginally changes according to the number of remote and local phones required. Please contact us with your requirements and a no obligation price quote will be forwarded.