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MotelPC - Frequently asked questions

    Suitability for properties
  • For which properties is MotelPC suitable?
    In terms of room/villa quantities and types; A maximum of 999 rooms allocated in floor numbered order as { 1..99, 101..199, ..} or sequentially as rooms {1..999}. Rooms are named and distinguished by 'Standard' and 'Type'. Long stay guest bookings can be up to 250days per booking and guests are party booked to a room. There is no limit to dates within this century. Accounts can be 'charged' for items created once by you, with a code, description and price. Accounts are settled and payments marked as cash, cheque, card, EFT or corporate transfer (for guest account only). MotelPC has many features that can be utilised or not, depending on preference.
  • My property has restaurant, bar and/or amenity hire. Can these charges from these sources appear on the guest account?
    Two methods are available; Charge postings from any source can be manually entered against a guest account AND MotelPC has integration with a companion multi-screen ImageWare product PosPC - Hospitality Point of Sale. Current guests automatically appear on the PosPC payment screen and can be optionally transferred to the guest ledger.
  • We have a preference particular stationery for guest and corporate accounts. Can this be used?
    Yes - Bespoke, cutomised layout to your stationery is available at our standard charge rates.
  • What hardware is required for this program
    Any modern desktop or laptop computer with Windows© XP or later and 200MB available disk, a suitable printer and if using the multi-workstation, network connection, an operational CAT5 or WiFi local area network. Data backup integrated to MotelPC to USB memory or another workstation.
  • Is there a guest telephone call interface?
    An automatic telephone call charge to guest account is a function of MotelPC. Various proprietary call management systems data output is suitable. Please contact ImageWare Technologies to confirm the suitability of your PBX installation.

    Multi-Workstation operation
  • I need one or more operational workstations in the front office and a remote connection for property management. Is this available?
    MotelPC is inherently a multi-user application. Guest reservations, accounting and reporting is available on all connected workstations. Any one of those workstations can be securely utilised for remote access and provide full remote operation of MotelPC from any location worldwide.
  • Where is database located in a multi-workstation configuration?
    When configured the database is set to a single workstation or server. That computer is the single point of backup required.
  • Is the network required standard?
    Yes - A standard Cat-5 (blue cable) connection or WiFi connection to Windows based workstations is all that is required for multi-workstation use.

    Support and Assistance
  • What operational assistance is available?
    A user manual with coloured example and query indexed in .PDF format is included and on-screen 'Help' tab in MotelPC software. System software assistance and support are available from ImageWare Technologies at standard rates.
  • How do we contact support for MotelPC?
    Email : motelpc@ImageWareTechnologies.com or Call 1300 859 072 (immediate paid support assistance)
  • Can I easily clear sample guest, account, charges data ready for actual use?
    Yes - simply deleting the single database will trigger a fresh empty copy to be built.

    MotelPC Prices
  • Continued use and registration fee (after 90 days) Aus$299.00
  • Anytime* Assistance and Support per incident or 30 minutes whichever the lesser Aus$75.00
  • Configuration and setup consultancy for your property Aus$199.00