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PosPC - Frequently asked questions

    Hospitality POS
  • How does 'hospitality POS' differ from standard POS?
    Hospitality POS, particularly for food items addresses the need for time tracked preparation orders and customer 'buffet' dockets. Meal menu items commonly have options; sauces, vegetable selection and side dishes. Intelligent item menu ordering in PosPC automatically indicates the available options in any selected meal for order staff to request. The guest experience is enhanced and kitchen supply dockets clearly show the requests to preparation staff.
    Table or group bills also address the circumstance where a group orders and requires separate cover accounts. More often this is an imperative with corporate account guests in a hotel or motel setting. PosPC will open multiple distinct accounts but optionally group the table order to kitchen by entree, main and dessert for same time delivery.
  • My venue has ordering stations and a separate payment station. Can this be handled easily?
    When PosPC has several workstation computers connected, each station 'sees' all of the open accounts, order detail and payments. Any station can be dedicated to a particular task. Also the hand over for further orders on an open account is seamless, meaning any workstation can post further charges or payment to any customer account.
  • Some customers demand printed invoice slips even for drinks. Is this available?
    PosPC optionally allows printing of a customer invoice including at a later time after payment.
  • What hardware is required for PosPC software
    A reasonably modern desktop or preferably touch screen computer with Windows© XP or later and 200MB available disk, suitable slip printers and if using the multi-station; an operational CAT5 or WiFi local area network. On larger installation a dedicated server device is used in a secure location as a single point of data retention.
  • What happens if a POS station computer fails?
    The value in utilising PosPC multi-computer feature is that if a particular workstation fails the other stations operate regardless with the current venue transactions intact.

    Staff operation
  • Is there a staff code to prevent unauthorised access to my venue reports and configuration with PosPC?
    Yes - When optioned, staff are given an access code which dictates the authority to enter privileged sections such as reports and setup. Also staff in training can be given a 'training' code where no transactions are recorded and no totals updated.
  • Can I audit POS postings for staff?
    Yes - A Staff Audit report lists all time stamped entries grouped by staff code over any period.
  • Can staff perform 'No Sale' and 'No Charge' entries?
    Yes - however all such entries are time date stamped and listed in the Staff Audit and included in the summary information.

    'In House' guest account integration
  • Will 'In House' guest account integration assist my operation?
    House guest integration is only relevant for hotels, motels, resorts offering both guest accomodation and a restaurant, bar facilities. Guests purchasing drinks, meals and amenity hire are able to nominate their room for transfer account balance to the guest ledger. Thereafter the various venue charges appear with details on the guest's accommodation account for settlement usually on checkout. In the absence of this facility, and to provide an aggregated premises account to guests, manual posting to the guest ledger is required for each venue bill.
  • Is this available on all PMS, reservations systems?
    No - currently this is integrated only to ImageWare's MotelPC - Reservations and Guest Accounting application.
  • Does this allow guest accommodation packages that include meals and/or beverages?
    Yes - The PosPC software identifies guest ledger entry for package type and posts bar, restaurant, amenity items balance accordingly.

    Support and Assistance
  • Do you offer a PosPC configuration service to my venues requirements?
    IMageWare offers a standard interview styled configuration service for system configuration, department, item and menu options entry and backup configuration and testing. Please refer to our price list below.
  • What operational assistance is available?
    A user manual with coloured examples and explanationary text, query indexed delivered .PDF format is included and on-screen 'Help' tab in PosPC software. System software assistance and support are available from ImageWare Technologies at standard rates.
  • How do we contact support for PosPC?
    Email : contactus@ImageWareTechnologies.com or Call 1300 859 072 (immediate attention, paid support assistance)
  • Can I easily clear sample PosPC entries for actual use?
    Yes - simply deleting the single database will trigger a fresh empty database to be built.

    PosPC Prices
  • Continued use and registration fee (after 90 days) Aus$299.00
  • Anytime* Assistance and Support per incident or 30 minutes whichever the lesser Aus$75.00
  • Configuration and setup consultancy for your particular venue Aus$199.00