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Remote Support and Assistance - Fast software and systems fault diagnosis, software installation, maintenance and repair

  • Adhoc or Plan IT Assistance - We offer 'as required' and annual support and assistance plans as an out-sourced facility for your business. The latest secure remote access tools are used to diagnose and implement fixes and repairs to your IT security, network, database implementations and business application software. Plan clients are supplied a direct to ImageWare extension telephone which incurrs no telephone call fees.
  • What Assistance is offered? - ImageWare supports complete networks (servers, desktop machines, printers, telephone iPBX, routers, switches and modems) for fault diagnosis and remedy. We also specialise in SQL server database, application support, internet security and maintenance (backup and system updates) actions. We provide these services online with administrative remote desktop facilty. ImageWare support responders are expert software systems engineers and will identify the issue on line, then liase with authorised staff at the business site. Incidents are confirmed and investigated and a fix strategy proposed noting any business interuptions. When agreed with the business authorised persons the fix is implemented.
  • What support records are maintained? - Service logs and IT configuration notes are maintained in a secure manner on all supported client systems. No passwords are retained, requiring the site to offer a changing elevated password to ImageWare on incidents that require privaleged access. It is of importance to quarrantine passwords and associated credentials to the business proper.
  • Response Time for support - Support response to an incident and within the core service hours will be immediate on contact; The incident log for you business is opened upon receipt of a telephone call or email. Time to identify the problem and effect the repair will vary depending upon the extent and complexity of the issue and need to liase with your business staff.
  • Support of 3rd party applications and hardware - We will assist your operation, maintenance and repair of 3rd party business applications if requested. ImageWare does not provide on site hardware services, however we will liase with such local technicians and fully identify the scope of any works required.

Please contact us further with you remote IT support and assistance requirements. Ad-hoc support pricing is Aus$150.00 / service hour. ImageWare Technologies will provide a written Plan support quote once an understanding of your particular requirements and installation is completed.

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